Winter Wonderland Weddings

Let the glistening of snow and the magic of the season inspire your dream wedding. Winter weddings are elegant with deep hues of jewel toned colors.   So walk into your very own winter wonderland with these winter wedding inspired ideas.

The Colors

Once upon a time, the wonderland palette was pretty simple with white and ice blue. These days,  sophisticated brides chose classic jewel tones like, burgundy, royal blue, hunter green and royal purple.  The appeal of these rich colors against the background of crisp white just can’t be overstated. Just be sure to stay true to the wonderland feel with lots of sparkle.

The Dress

These is a vast choice of winter bridal gowns to make your winter wedding magical. Embrace the dramatic, be simple or go as over the top as you wish – from fur to silver sparkles, the sky is the limit.

The Flowers

The season’s all-withe bouquet is smashing here (adding some sparkle with bouquet picks). Popular blooms such crisp white tulips, orchids, and hydrangeas are beautiful choices for your bouquet. Jewel tones bouquets like burgundy and maroon are also breathtaking and elegant. Whether you like all white or dramatic color, winter weddings give you a blank canvas to work with.

Don’t forget the tables. Try something super simple like poinsettias to fill your wedding with color. Dipping your favorite flowers in glitter helps to add the glitz to your centerpiece. Candles arranged on a simple jewels colored plate with metallic ball ornaments can add a festive flair. Lighted Christmas trees can fill the room with Holiday spirit. The ideas are as endless as your imagination.

The Favors

When marrying amid sparkling icicles and gleaming snow-covered hills, choose winter wedding favors that warm the heart. Delight your guests senses with snowflake-embellished gel candles or delectable chocolates to soothing cocoa and cappuccino mixes. These winter theme wedding favors are the perfect way to welcome your guests to your winter wonderland wedding!

The Cake

Sprinkled Snowflake inspired designed cakes is an elegant way to go. Get a splash of color by adding fresh flowers as an accent to chosen style of cake. Add sugar plum dreams to your day with a candy table or cookie corner. Cupcakes are a popular trend with many brides and grooms now as well. Taste the seasons sugary magic no matter which idea you choose.

Seasonal Treats

Warm your guest with a hot chocolate bar filled with peppermint and whipped cream toppings. Want something a little stronger? Try seasonal cocktail like Hot Toddy’s or Candy Can Cocktails.

Hilton Universal is the perfect location for all your winter wonderland dreams. Our friendly and experienced Catering staff will walk you through every step of your big day. Let us help you make your dream wedding a reality and contact us today!