‘Twelve Drinks Of Christmas’ And Holiday Happiness


Our fellow Hilton teams in the United Kingdom have put together an interesting list of inspired cocktails for celebrating the season. While you may not be able to cross the pond to enjoy the delights designed for visitors, you can take the holiday spirit of their list and create your own unique holiday bar menu.

Holiday inspired dishes from Hilton hotels

LONDON – Hilton Hotels & Resorts is introducing a new range of cocktails this week exclusively designed to celebrate the festive season.  Aptly named ‘The Twelve Drinks of Christmas’, the festive cocktails will be available in sixteen Hilton hotels across the UK for the month of December.

Taking inspiration from The Twelve Days of Christmas song, Hilton has created this limited edition range of cocktails by utilising the most delicious seasonal flavours.  Award-winning mixologists, Nelson Bernardes and Daniel Carvalho from The Waldorf Hilton, London, have taken one of the oldest and most popular Christmas songs and brought it to life in glasses of contemporary, yet seasonally evocative flavours, including port wine, blackberry and cinnamon.

The divine connotations of the festive season are reflected in the taste combination in each of the cocktails.

A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE – This delicious cocktail combines the refreshing flavour of pear with a thyme undertone and a gentle caramel infusion. Served in a tall glass with fresh thyme and a pear fan.

Ingredients: Absolut Pear, lemon juice, caramel syrup, apple juice and thyme.

TWO TURTLE DOVES – Indulgent, nutty and like a warm duvet on a cold winter’s day, this cocktail is perfect for those looking for something smooth and decadent. With a delicious blend of Baileys, rum and espresso, this creamy treat is deliciously tempting.  Served in a rock glass and decorated with a chocolate rim and real coffee beans.

Ingredients: Appleton Estate Rum, Frangelico, Baileys, espresso coffee and vanilla syrup.

THREE FRENCH HENS – Sophisticated, rich and uncomplicated, this cocktail is silky smooth and full of character.  Combining the Christmas classics, Advocat and cinnamon, this frothy treat is served in a brandy glass and garnished with a cinnamon stick.

Ingredients: Appleton Estate Rum, Advocat, Kahlua and cinnamon.

FOUR CALLING BIRDS – This cocktail is definitely calling out to everyone at this festive time.  Decorated with a nest of ice and fresh berries, the combination of bourbon and raspberry liqueur is tradition married with a contemporary twist. Served in a rock glass with fresh fruit and mint.

Ingredients: Buffalo Trace, Chambord, chocolate liqueur, raspberry liqueur, lemon juice, vanilla syrup and fresh mint leaves.

FIVE GOLD RINGS – This rich cocktail is pure decadence in a glass.  The Christmas-fuelled cinnamon schnapps will leave a subtle butterscotch kiss combined with a tawny hint of port taste.  Served with flakes of real gold leaf, this cocktail will give the Midas touch.  Fit for a king, this cocktail is served in a Martini glass with an apple fan and cinnamon stick.

Ingredients: Goldschlager, port wine, butterscotch and apple juice.

SIX GEESE A-LAYING – A delicious combination of rum, Martini and Amaretto, this cocktail has a warm and velvety texture.  With a thick layer of floating cream and real hazelnuts, this cocktail is as delicate as snowflakes and as cold as ice.  Served in a brandy glass with fresh cream and nuts.

Ingredients: Appleton Estate Rum, Martini Rosso, Frangelico, Amaretto, sugar syrup and cream.

SEVEN SWANS A-SWIMMING – This award-winning combination of flavours is bound to get the feathers ruffled.  The use of elderflower liqueur, grass vodka, fresh lemon juice and rosemary gives this stunning cocktail a sherberty burst.  Served in a Martini glass, this cocktail has a frothy egg white hat accompanied by a romantic rosemary sprig.

Ingredients: Zubrowka, St. Germain, lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white, rosemary.

EIGHT MAIDS A-MILKINGA – creamy strawberry smoothie with a hint of coconut, this cocktail is ‘maid’ for those with a fruity palette.  She may look innocent but don’t be fooled, this wickedly sexy drink can bite back! Served in a Martini glass with a fresh strawberry and a coconut trim.

Ingredients: Absolut Vodka, Crème de Cassis, coconut cream, strawberry puree and fresh cream.

NINE LADIES DANCING – This bubbly explosion of berry flavours is surprisingly light and refreshing, but tickles the tongue when least expected! This sexy tipple is perfect for Champagne cocktail lovers. Served in a Champagne flute with a delicately sugar-coated blackberry to bring out its berry hints.

Ingredients: Absolut Vodka, Crème de Mure, lemon juice, sugar syrup and topped with Champagne.

TEN LORDS A-LEAPING – Strong, classic and heady, this cocktail is all-man.  Not for the faint-hearted, this mature cocktail is Christmas pudding in a glass with a hint of warming spice from the confident combination of Grand Marnier, cognac and red wine.  Served in a wine glass with orange zest and evergreen cloves.

Ingredients: Merlot, Martell VS Cognac, chocolate liqueur and Grand Marnier.

ELEVEN PIPERS PIPING – This spicy combination will blow the mind.  Combined with a strong malt whisky base this cheeky cocktail will leave a hot chilli sensation on the tongue.  Flirtatious and bold, this cocktail will be heard coming for miles around.  Served in a Martini glass with redcurrants and fresh chilli.

Ingredients: Glenmorangie Single Malt Whisky, chocolate liqueur, blackcurrant jam, cranberry juice and slices of fresh chilli.

TWELVE DRUMMERS DRUMMING – This cocktail will leave a smouldering taste with its smoky, yet fruity flavour.  Using an elegant combination of smoky whisky, port, peach liqueur and apple juice, it’ll get the heart beating like a drum! Served in a rock glass with fresh peach and blackberry.

Ingredients: Port, peach liqueur, apple juice and Lagavulin.

The Hilton Hotels & Resorts properties serving The 12 Drinks of Christmas are:

  • The Waldorf Hilton, London
  • Hilton London Metropole
  • Hilton Liverpool
  • Hilton Newcastle Gateshead
  • Hilton Cardiff
  • Hilton Birmingham Metropole
  • Hilton Manchester Deansgate
  • Caledonian Hilton Edinburgh
  • Hilton Craigendarroch
  • Hilton Reading
  • Hilton Glasgow
  • Hilton Coylumbridge
  • Hilton London Gatwick Airport
  • Hilton London Heathrow Airport
  • Hilton Warwick/Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Hilton London Canary Wharf