Flashing Our Gold!

H360EditedEnergy and environmental enthusiasts are increasingly calling for businesses to take green action and implement sustainable initiatives.  Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City has been acknowledged as a leader in this green revolution with the 2015 Green Seal Gold Certification award.  In receiving this recognition, Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City becomes just the second hotel in California to achieve Gold Certification and only the fifth hotel nationwide.  The hotel’s executives understand the importance of supporting sustainability efforts not only for the present but also for future generations.  Every department in the hotel is involved in energy-conservation, waste-minimization and executing an environmentally friendly operation.  By doing this, the hotel is not only helping to reduce the greenhouse emissions that impact global climate change and saves energy, but is also improve efficiency, lower operating costs, provides a cleaner and healthier hotel environment, and sets a positive example for employees that boosts morale and property loyalty.  After all, preserving the world’s natural resources is the responsibility of every individual both at work and at home.  Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City is proud of its Gold Certification and will continue to look ahead and find more ways to keep it green.


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