Discover the Past in LA

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In a city that is known for celebrities, one of the most popular sightseeing stops is a pool of tar. The La Brea Tar Pits is located in the heart of a 23-acre park in Los Angeles. This is the only urban palentological excavation site in the United States. In the last century, more than three million specimens have been uncovered in the tar. Among these specimens are saber-toothed cats, sloths, Mammoths, bison, and dire wolves to name a few. This kid friendly museum will have children of all ages engaged and entertained. For younger children there is a puppet show to educate and entertain.

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The museum is only one of three sites at the La Brea Tar Pits that is a must see. Be sure to see the Tar Pits Lake, located right outside the main museum. This reenactment of mammoths wading in the tar, visually transforms you to the ice age. You can smell the real tar and if you watch closely you can see the tar bubble as well. This is not due to the temperature, because the tar is not hot, it is the air being released. Be sure to follow the black paw prints to Project 23. This site is an active dig site. They have flagged and marked each bone that they are excavating from the tar along with interesting facts about the tar the bones are in. Be sure now to miss the amphitheater as well. See real specimen bones preserved in their original state they were discovered in. This museum will take you about an hour to an hour and a half to tour.

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