Actor and Others for Animals

IMG-20130928-00108Hilton Los Angeles/Universal city spotted a parade of stars this weekend for the Actors and Others for Animals event. This star studded roster included the likes of Micheal Burger, JoAnne Worley, Loretta Swit, and Fred Willard to name just a few that strolled down our red carpet all to celebrate our four legged furry friends. Actors and Others for Animals is one of the longest-standing animal welfare organizations in Los Angeles.

This organization knows that all of you cherish your own pets as well, and recognize that by just being themselves they earn the title “Best in Show” each and every day. So they thought it would be fun to provide you with an opportunity to include a photograph of your pet in a “Pet Photo Parade” to be displayed on the website until the end of the year. For a $10 donation, you can enter your pet’s photograph on the website. (Only one photo per donation and entries are only being accepted online).


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