Farmer’s Market Turns 79


Farmer’s Market is turning 79 years old this week and the party has started! The market is putting an amazing spin on the number 79. From now till Friday, July 19, several establishments around the Farmers Market will price certain dishes or items for $7.90 or wait for it…. 79 cents. What better way to celebrate but with prices that will benefit everyone!

There are simply scrumptious items being discounted at the Farmers Market this week like an 8 oz. coffee at Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts, 8 oz. of smooth peanut butter at Magee’s, and cornbread at The Gumbo Pot are all 79 cents each through Friday, July 19.

Don’t forget the $7.90 list of items like  La Bastile crepe at The French Crepe Company, garlic chicken at $7.90 a pound at Pampas Grill, and any panini you want at Deano’s Gourmet Pizza. Same deal is honored through Friday, July 19.

The list of deals is impressive and makes your tummy grumble for a taste. Happy 79th, Farmers Market. We are delighted to celebrate another of your rich history.

It’s Not Too Late To Get Away!

Family PakageIt’s fun to getaway with the whole family. Come stay with us and we’ll include breakfast for four and free high-speed Internet access. LA is the place to be this summer, so what’s stopping you? Make your reservation today…


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