Hilton Universal Says Farewell to a Latin Icon

Vicente Fernandez  & His Son

Vicente Fernandez
& His Son

It is with great sorrow and heavy hearts we says goodbye to one of our VIP guests the iconic, legendary King of the Ranchera Music, Mr. Vicente Fernandez (A.K.A.”El Rey”).  This multi Grammy Award winning artist has been a loyal guest at our hotel since 1997. Coming every year to perform sold out concerts at the historic Gibson Amphitheater.

Mr Fernandez was more than a VIP guest he was Hilton Universal City Hotel Family. He returned to our hotel because he felt like he was coming home. From the beautiful

His Favorite Amenity

His Favorite Amenity

Presidential Suite he loved so much to the specially made amenities in his room. It was the special attention to details that endeared us to him. Though Mr Fernandez adored his fans, when his suite door closed he was a private man. We had the privilege to get to know this side of him. The man that loved to spend hours watching his favorite cowboy movies and eating peanut M&M’s.

Red Carpet Arrivals

With his staff always close at hand, we rolled out the Red Carpet every time he stayed. Mr Fernandez arrived to media, adoring fans and an equally adoring hotel staff to greet him. His every entrance and exit was a Red Carpet event at Hilton Universal City. This was something he commented was never done at any other hotel on his tour.

With the announcement of his favorite venue, the Gibson Amphitheater, closing this year, Vicente performed his final concerts this last April.  He continues to perform at special occasions and is

Vicente Fernandz With Mark Davis  (Hilton Universal's General Manager)

Vicente Fernandz With Mark Davis
(Hilton Universal’s General Manager)

releasing an album this June. Though his pace may be slowing down without the touring, this icon loves what he does and will never fade out of the spotlight. So we say farewell to this amazing man that filled Hilton Universal City Hotel and surrounding venues with Latin music. We will have memories and stories to share for years to come.


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