A Lifetime Begins 24 Floors Up in Universal City | Marine Drops a Knee on the Roof of the Hilton

pic3-2When Camp Pendleton Marine, Ryan Fosner, called to ask if the Hilton would help him arrange the most important moment of his life, the answer was easy. Making memories and creating special moments is what the hospitality industry is all about, and the team was happy to be a part of this significant event.


On break from his military duties, Ryan had decided that March 29, 2013 was the day he would ask his three year girlfriend, Jessica, to be his wife. When he phoned the hotel he explained that he wanted Universal City to be the backdrop to his proposal. “Universal City is so special to the both of us because this is the first place we went together,” explains Ryan. “It was where I told her I loved her for the first time… and the first time she said it back.”


Ryan and Jessica have known each other since High School in Texas. However, it wasn’t until just over three years ago that they started dating. It was just after graduating and around the same time he joined the Marines, which meant spending time together was difficult. “I was constantly away in California training in the infantry while she was working back in Texas, but we always seemed to make things work due to how great the short times together were. Making lasting memories throughout, we grew closer together while developing special places in our hearts for the locations we visited.”


The Hilton was among the greatest of these. “Looking out of the window of the Hilton down to all the spectacular lights was the first time I told her I was falling for her, so it was only fitting that I should propose on the rooftop with a similar view.“ It was an elaborate and detailed plan that the hotel staff could not help but be a part of. Starting with a note in a bottle waiting on the bed for Jessica, the journey continued with consecutive notes that lead her to their special places – where they stayed while their relationship was long distance; the ice cream stand that was their first date; the burger joint by their first apartment; and finally the place they said I love you. Once she drove up to LA and arrived at the hotel, she was directed to the rooftop of the Hilton, and he proposed.


Every memory is held dear, but sometimes the moments created are just magical. That was this moment and the couple and the team at Hilton Universal City will remember it for a long time to come.


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