Experience a Breathtaking Journey Under the White Big Top

Cavalia brings the magic of horse and rider back to Southern California with their newest show, Odysseo.


Photo Credit: Cavalia, Facebook

The 125-feet tall White Big Top is a traffic stopping addition to the Burbank skyline that signals something extraordinary has come to town.  Cavalia returns bringing its unique combination of equestrian arts, awe inspiring acrobatics and high-tech theatrical effects to wow the audience.

Cavalia Odysseo is the newest show celebrating the beauty and harmony of the meeting of two worlds: those of horse and human. Shrouded in a blue mist rising from the earth, you will find yourself amid a herd of grazing horses, admiring the splendour of the setting sun. Lying on a bed of green, you can contemplate what the stars dream about, what horses dream about. Follow the northern lights as they dance across the heavens. Revel in the birth of spring.

Suddenly, the flat surface of the stage will start to swell and curve. From behind an expanse of rolling hills and a distant desert emerges a herd of horses, seeking an oasis where they can quench their thirst.

Through a symphony of colours and emotions, a series of wonders will unfold. In this intimate yet grandiose setting, humans and horses live in harmony. Surrounded by awe-inspiring images and accompanied by live music, horses and artists – acrobats, dancers, musicians and riders – will take you on a journey to a world where dreams and reality intertwine.

Right now, the show is only in town until March 24th. Don’t miss out on an evening you won’t soon forget.  Click here for show and ticket information.


Hilton UniversalTurn your evening at the show into an overnight getaway with our special Cavalia hotel packages.  Please call us  at 1-818-506-2500 to make your reservation.  Offer is subject to availability and additional restrictions may apply.

Or for other special offers and details, visit www.HiltonUniversal.com/specials.


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