Hilton Los Angeles / Universal City Continues to Collect Green Accolades

Celebrating Four Impactful Years of Sustainability

LOS ANGELES, C.A. (March 1, 2012) ─ Energy and environmental enthusiasts are increasingly calling on businesses to take green action and implement sustainable initiatives.  Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City is making great strides in this endeavor and is proud to be one of the few environmentally conscious “Green Seal Silver” certified lodging facilities in California.

There are presently 15 recycling programs established in the hotel that divert to 80-85% of its total waste from being sent to local landfills.  Cardboard, printing paper, light bulbs, guestroom amenities, batteries, toner cartridges, aerosol cans, food waste, yard waste, and kitchen deep fry oil have all been included in the recycling process.  The food waste, for example, goes from the hotel’s compactor to a material recovery facility where it is separated and turned into organic compost.  In paper and food waste alone the hotel’s efforts saved 724 trees and did not take up 198 cubic yards of landfill space.

Go Green

Since the program’s progressive start in 2009, the team at Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City has recycled the following material:

  • 268.48 tons of cardboard and mixed materials (paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum)
  • 5,927 light bulbs, 185 ballasts, 596 toner cartridges, and 575 aerosol cans
  • 5,476 lbs of plastic containers and 8,770 lbs of soap from leftover guestroom amenities were donated to the Clean the World non-profit organization  
  • 171 lbs of  AA batteries, 4,280 lbs of appliances and 11,499 lbs of e-waste
  • 1,051 tons of recovered yard and food waste

But recycling is just a fragment of the hotel’s green operations to protect our land, air, and water resources.  The Hilton also initiates environmentally friendly policies by purchasing less hazardous chemicals for its laundry, dish washing, and housekeeping departments.  In addition, they have added energy efficient lighting and motion sensor timers in meeting rooms; installed water conserving toilet fixtures throughout the hotel, and they offer a towel & linen conservation reuse program to guests who stay multiple nights.

Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City continues to look ahead and innovate with green practices.  In 2009 the hotel began working with Green Seal, a non-profit organization that developed life cycle based sustainability standards for lodging properties.  This institution sets the environmental norm in the hospitality industry and offers third party certification for those who meet the set criteria.  In 2010, the Hilton began by attaining the Bronze Level certification, and has since recertified at Silver Level every year. Earlier this year, the California Green Lodging Program (a division of California Dept. of General Services/Statewide Travel and Meeting) also granted the hotel their highest rank sustainability prize, the Environmentalist Level award. In addition, there are currently discussions about pursuing LEED certification via their existing building evaluation process.


The hotel’s executives understand that sustainability is meeting present needs without comprising the earth’s future generations, and have shown their commitment to energy-conservation and waste-minimization by implementing environmentally friendly operations.  By doing this, the hotel is not only helping to reduce the greenhouse emissions that impact global climate change and save energy, but is also improving efficiency, lowering operating costs, providing a cleaner and healthier hotel environment, and setting a positive example for employees that boosts morale and property loyalty.


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