It’s Never Too Soon To Start Panicking…HHN 2012

Your end draws near as the night grows darker. On select nights September 21 – October 31, face horror’s most terrifying creatures in the flesh at Universal Studios Hollywood. Explore the depths of all-new haunted houses, spine-tingling scare zones, live shows and more. Halloween Horror Nights, featuring AMC’s The Walking Dead, Silent Hill, and Alice Cooper to name a few.

The Walking Dead: Dead Inside and Terror Tram: Invaded by The Walking Dead

AMC’s popular television show gets the HHN haunted house treatment as visitors are cast in the roles of the living trying to escape undead zombies. But wait there’s more (apocalyptic zombie gore)!If guests somehow outrun the flesh-eating creatures in the maze, they’ll also have the chance to contend with the hungry hordes who have infiltrated Universal Studios’ renowned back-lot. Instead of the tight quarters of a haunted house, the Terror Tram will give intrepid visitors the opportunity to see — and become part of the action with — zombies in a cityscape much like the ones depicted on the show. If you think you’ll be able to shy away from the marauding mobs from the safety of the tour tram, think again. Guests will be booted off of the bus to walk among the restless zombies and fend for themselves on the dangerous streets. Good luck!

Welcome Silent Hill

Based on the video games and horror films (a sequel, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D will debut just before Halloween) this haunted house will pit guests against knife-bearing wackos, hideously gnarled nurses, and other lovely characters from the series. Despite the name, I’m expecting plenty of piercing shrieks emanating from Silent Hill.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw is the Law

Nearly every Halloween haunt has at least one crazed lunatic running around in attack mode with a revved-up chainsaw. The inspiration for all of this lunacy comes from 1974 horror classic, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Instead of referencing the classic, Universal will go straight to the source and retell the lovely tale of Leatherface and and his cadre of cannibals. Visitors to the maze won’t be passively watching the film however; they will become potential victims of the hungry, saw-wielding nut jobs. Sounds like fun!

Alice Cooper – Goes to Hell

012 will be the second year that the classic rocker, who has built a distinctive career out of merging horror with hard rock, will be featured at HHN. His Welcome to My Nightmare maze, which debuted last year in Hollywood, will be crossing the country to give Florida HHN visitors bad dreams this year. An all new 3-D haunted house, Goes to Hell (whose title seems redundant; we all know Alice’s fate), will take its place. Expect plenty of loud music and mascara-streaked characters freaking everybody out.

La Llorona: La Cazadora de Ninos

This is a returning theme from a maze that debuted last year, although the house itself will be updated. It will take its cue from the Latin American legend of the Weeping Woman (or La Llorona), a tragic figure who kills her own children (ninos en Espanol), takes her own life in remorse, and wanders the earth in spirit form weeping for her lost offspring. Sounds like creepy fun in any language.

It’s never to soon to panic. So mark your calendars for this terrifying event. More updates to come along with special hotel rates to make this experience last even longer…

Bloc Source: Universal Studios Hollywood, Halloween Horror Nights 2012


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