Catering for Jewish Events

Many events or gatherings, especially large scale ones, benefit from the use of a food caterer to take care of both food and beverage needs. For those events with guests that keep kosher in attendance, a different type of caterer may be needed. A kosher caterer is a person or company that specializes in preparing and serving food and beverages that adhere to kashrut — the strict set of Jewish dietary laws.

A caterer in general can cover the needs for virtually any sized event, from a family holiday gathering to a massive ballroom affair. These services are great options to take the pressure of many details off of a host. This is perhaps all the more true when special cooking needs are in order. While many caterers offer niche services such as ethnic cooking or vegetarian preparation, being a kosher caterer generally takes an extra level of expertise and certification.

Events that typically call for kosher catering include Jewish weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, and bris ceremonies. Holiday dinners, such as those on Rosh Hashanah or Passover, are also often catered. Allow us to highlight some delicious ideas for your event.

Honey Roasted Pomegranate Chicken

This chicken dish, using pomegranates, honey, carrots, and apricots, is perfect for the Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah as it combines traditional New Year ingredients into a beautiful dish, served with hope for a sweet and fruitful New Year.

Makki Ka Soweta

It is all about the rich and authentic Indian flavor and taste. The easy Makki ka Soweta is lamb cooked with corn and spices. Cook up a feast for your guests with this simple lamb curry recipe.

Braiding a Six Strand Challah

Challah is a wonderful tasty bread. The challah bread is a very soft egg bread and is very pleasing in both appearance and taste. n The 6 braided Challah is very special

Matzo Ball Soup

This classic Passover recipe is served as the first course of the seder meal in Jewish homes all around the world.


This recipe for classic Jewish baked dumplings is a baked or fried dumpling made of flaky dough with your choice of filling. In the most traditional versions, the filling is made entirely of mashed potato, ground meat, sauerkraut, onions, kasha (buckwheat groats) or cheese. Other varieties of fillings feature sweet potatoes, black beans, fruit, broccoli, tofu or spinach.

Those these are just highlights of countless Jewish traditional and memorial dishes we hope they inspire you when planning your next event.

Plan Your Event

Our catering department would be honored to help you with all your catering and event needs for your life’s most important events. They can assist you in choosing the best menu and services to make your event everything you have envisioned. For more information visit the official website


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