Aquarium Celebrates Penguins This Summer

The new June Keyes Penguin Habitat opened to the public on May 17, 2012. Visitors to the Aquarium of the Pacific can now get up-close with these animals and learn what they can do to help them. The new permanent exhibit is home to the first penguins in the Aquarium’s collection and includes a crawl-in space where visitors can feel as if they are in the exhibit with the animals.

The new habitat features Magellanic Penguins, educational exhibit panels, and interactive touch screens where visitors can learn more about penguins and issues that are affecting their survival. Some of the birds in the Aquarium’s new habitat were rescued near Rio, Brazil and deemed non-releasable to the wild because of health issues. Scientists speculate that these birds ended up stranded north of their normal range in search of food due to issues such as climate change and overfishing.

The exhibit will also include nesting areas resembling the burrows that Magellanic Penguins use for laying eggs and rearing their chicks in the wild. The June Keyes Penguin Habitat is located outdoors on the second floor near the Aquarium’s ray pool.

Visitors to the Aquarium this summer will also be able to learn more about penguins through new educational programming. Two short films about penguins, a children’s program, and a penguin guest speaker series are all part of the new happenings.

Penguin Encounter

Want to go behind the scenes? Then Penguin encounter is your chance. This experience will lead the guests through the Aquarium on a guided tour of many of our most exciting behind-the-scenes areas. Guests will learn about what it takes to care for and feed the more than 11,000 animals at the Aquarium of the Pacific and will even assist in feedings at a couple of our holding areas or at an exhibit.

After the tour we will meet with husbandry staff members who will guide the group through food preparation for the June Keyes Penguin Habitat. Finally, we will enter the behind-the-scenes area of the habitat with a penguin and participate in a feeding and training session.

Gas up Getaway

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