Spring Wedding Inspiration

Spring may be “wedding season,” but that doesn’t mean your wedding can’t be unique. Spring weddings are absolutely beautiful. Think soft pastels, blooming buds outside and breezy weather that hits the spot after being stuck inside for winter. Spring is great for outdoor weddings, a variety of flowers are in season and the outdoors will offer natural inspiration for your wedding.

The Season
Spring is understandably one of the most popular seasons to get married in. The weather is not too hot and not too cold, there’s an array of delightful flowers in bloom and fantastic yummy seasonal food to include in your menu. What Spring does also bring is changeable weather. It is important for you to be prepared. Arrange that both the head bridesmaid and the best man have any weather eventuality covered to get you to the wedding looking fresh and dry. It is also important to keep your guests in the know about the weather leading up to the ‘big day’. Keep an eye on the forecast and contact your guests with information as soon as you have it.

The Cake
Well if there’s any season to indulge then Spring is it! For many Spring is the time of Easter celebration after a long Lent fast, so a spring wedding cake must be a real treat on the senses. The overall look could match your colour scheme or you could just choose bright spring coloured icing. Alternatively, choose a beautifully patterned white fondant and make it come alive with cascading fresh flowers; delicious in every sense of the word. When it comes to taste you might want a very naughty-but-nice chocolate sponge filled with fresh strawberry puree filling. Otherwise choose a lighter lemon cake with blackberry infused cream filling.

The Food
There’s so much fantastic fresh food to include on your wedding menu so be inspired by your tastes and come up with a mouthwatering combination. Why not serve perfectly seasoned lamb with garden vegetables and opt for a traditional yet sophisticated take on jelly and ice cream. You’ll want to keep everyone refreshed and what better way than to offer a selection of cocktails. Why not start the celebrations with traditional champagne with fresh strawberries or light gin punch garnished with mint. Later in the evening you could offer a choice of cocktails that compliment your food.

Spring is awash with colorful flowers. Take your pick from Daffodils, Hyacinths, Lilacs, Narcissi, Peonies, Stargazer Lillies, Sweet peas, and Tulips. If you’re looking for imaginative table arrangement ask your florist about including your favorite springtime fruits for an interesting twist to your day.

The Dress
Champagne color dresses are popular for Spring weddings as well as vintage dresses from a bygone era.Why not see what your mother or grandmother has saved in her wardrobe. When putting together your look consider a bolero or chiffon stole in case the weather turns cold. Add Spring color to your look by choosing bright bridesmaid dresses.

Hilton Universal is the perfect location for all your Spring wedding dreams. Our friendly and experienced Catering staff will walk you through every step of your big day. Let us help you make your dream wedding a reality and contact us today!


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