Discover The Arts LA

Discover the Arts, the longest running and largest arts campaign in the City, launches the fourth-year of its campaign in 2012. Discover the Arts is held in conjunction with the City’s annual Los Angeles Arts Month celebration. Created in partnership with Wells Fargo and approximately 50 cultural institutions as well as media and community partners. The campaign, which runs from January 16 to April 30, 2012, offers myriad of cultural attractions to locals and tourists alike with up to 50 percent off admissions, gift items, and more.

“Los Angeles is where the world creates and innovates,” said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “I am thrilled to join LA INC. and all the participating institutions in celebrating LA’s contribution to the visual and performing arts. The City’s unparalleled diversity and rich range of cultural institutions offer a dynamic arts scene.”

The home to nearly 3,000 professional arts organizations and institutions, Los Angeles is a world-class arts capital, ranking second in the nation in volume for overseas cultural and heritage visitors according to the US Department of Commerce.  Fully one-half of Los Angeles’ 26.9 million annual visitors get their information of why to come to LA, when to visit and what to see and do when they’re here from friends and family who live here.

From art aficionados to families, Discover the Arts encourages everyone to explore their favorite arts institutions while discovering museums and other arts institutions they have never visited before.


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