Universal Hilton Wedding [Esther + Mike]

Wedding are simply a magical time. Ester & Mike’s wedding was just that. We wish them all the best. We want to reblog their story from Pirouette Photography.

Esther and I met online. Lol. Through our countless email exchanges, she was already no stranger when I met her. I always love reading Esther’s emails, and when I finally got to meet her PLUS Mike, it was no different. They are the type of couple everyone and their parents love. They are so great for each other, and are super perfect together! I know, too cheesy? But so true! Esther + Mike = funny faces, silliness, and lots and lots of love. To say their love oozes out of their pores is probably an understatement?:D

Thanks, you two, for sharing your special day with me and Amy!
These are just a few moments from your wedding day that I love. The rest will surely follow:)

For those of you who know me and my addiction, you know why I couldn’t help myself with this next one…

And finally, the moment Esther had been waiting for…shark fin soup!


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