Master Carolers Serenade Our Cafe Sierra

The glow of the seasonal decorations gleam as you walk into Cafe Sierra. You will be greeted with a warm smile as you are escorted to your table. As you pass through the buffet, delicious aromas fill the air. Grab a plate and pile it high with culinary delights.

As you sit down to enjoy your delectable plate, Holiday Carols fill the air. Our Master Carolers serenade you with your favorite carols so sing along.

Sugar plums will dance in your head tonight after a trip to the dessert table. Cakes, pies, and holiday chocolate treats will bring your night to a sweet end.

Join us for Holiday cheer at Cafe Sierra’s Mater Carolers event on the 22nd thru 25th from 5pm to 10 pm. We would love to have your table waiting so contact us at 818-509-2030 and let the Holiday magic begin.


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