Holiday Travel Time Is Here!

The holidays are steeped in family traditions like opening presents on Christmas Day, Lighting the menorah during Hanukkah, and spending time with our loved ones. Maximize your holiday travel and minimize coal-in-the-stocking grief  with a few secrets to make getting there half the fun.

Packing For  Your Trip

Packing light saves time and energy when it comes to filling the trunk with fragile bags packed with gifts or racing to fill the last empty space in the overhead bin. Some airlines place special restrictions during the holidays and allow only one carry-on, so less luggage is vital. If  you are carrying presents in your luggage, pack them unwrapped. The TSA agent will unwrap all presents to check their contents.

Booking Your Trip

Book your flight to avoid the Holiday rush. Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on Sundays this year, which means that the Friday before and the Monday after will be extremely busy. Remember when booking flights, check your search results carefully for sufficient time during layovers, and build in some time for flight delays and bad weather. Particularly during the winter months, peak travel times often bring peak travel delays, and your connection is more likely to be jeopardized. Avoiding really tight connections may save you a sprint through the terminal or a missed flight.

Transportation on Your Trip

During peak travel times, much of the trouble you’ll face lies on this side of the security check-in, from traffic jams and to full parking lots to absent shuttles and long lines. Rather than striving to “arrive at the airport early,” you may want to try to “leave for the airport early” to anticipate all the peripheral delays you may encounter.

Save on Your Trip

Stay with us if Los Angeles is your destination and save 25% with The December Sale. Book by January 1,2012 and stay by January 8,2012.

No matter your destination or the holiday you are celebrating, tis the season of joy and laughter. Kick your holiday off right with a happy flight.


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