Reblog: Brunch Run, Week 7: Cafe Sierra (Los Angeles, CA)

We want to thank Flavor Appraiser for this Fantastic blog about their experience at our Cafe Sierra Restaurant.

Buffet style dining isn’t typically the way I choose to enjoy a meal, but every now and again there is a wonderland of food that I develop a crush on. This time it happened in Los Angeles, at Cafe Sierra. This restaurant is located inside of a major hotel, adjacent to a major amusement park, but it does not make you feel like you are in a tourist trap. There is a fine quality of food and the selection has the same if not more variety than the grandest ones in Vegas, the Buffet Mecca of the world!

I don’t think I can summarize the different stations and do Cafe Sierra‘s brunch justice. They really have covered just about every type of cuisine you could imagine- omelettes, oysters, chicken and waffles, prime rib, sushi, eggs Benedict and fare represented from a number of countries, ranging from Mexican to Moroccan. And that’s all before dessert!

Fortunately, I was in great company at Cafe Sierra, with my West Coast family who all have the foodie genes too. Their presence not only made me smile because I love their company, but because there was no holding back. There was a steady rotation of plates on our table, each one filled with the delicious items carefully picked from the sea of food stations.

The “sea” of stations is more like a ocean, with waves of food dispersed all around the dining room. There really is no perfect way to navigate this gigantic spread, but I would suggest taking the following steps- do an informal walk through, make mental notes of priority items, and take taster’s portions just to be sure you get to sample all of the greatness (and safe room for the sweet treats, such as the fondue fountain).

The service was adequate (plates cleared, champagne refilled), although one minor kink is that there is a beverage station where guests are to get their own juice. It would be nice (and more appropriate in my opinion) if the server was to take care of all the drinks for the table, especially given the $$$$ price point.

Cafe Sierra puts on a beautiful brunch, and it’s no secret. The restaurant gets packed (reservations can be made) and it can feel a bit crowded when trying to walk through and get certain items, but that just proves that even with its hefty price tag, this buffet brunch is well worth it.


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