Reblog: Hilton Universal-My Luxury Hotel Experience

We Love our guest! Thank you to Danie Sedilla, a.k.a Superwomom, for this wonderful blog about her stay with us. We hope she will come back and stay with us again soon.


Luxury hotel.  In my book, this means, a hotel with a great view, a huge and comfy bed, plus wonderful fluffy pillows. It should also have a big comfort room with a bath tub, a hot and cold shower and all the toiletries you need. Housekeeping should be done at least every other day.  And towels should be changed every so often.  A working desk is a must and TV should be there to keep me company.  So did Hilton Universal, met all the the criteria of my luxury hotel?  It sure did.  The photographs, I hope, are enough to explain why.

View from the Top – the panoramic vista of Room 1651
Sleeping in Style – The huge bed, the fluffy pillows and the working desk
There’s comfort in here – Room 1651’s restroom

In my dreams, I think I would go for a $189-a-night hotel.  But I don’t live in my dreams.  So I know it wouldn’t happen for the next century.

When we were told that we would be booked at the Hilton Universal for work, I held my breath.  I knew I would be in for a pleasant surprise.  And it was more than what I expected. For five nights, I was able to live a dream. To be mesmerized by the lights dazzling and dancing outside my window after a hard’s day work.  As sleep beckons me, I’ll lay on a bed with immaculately white sheets, where I’ll be covered with several fluffy pillows, until I’ll be seen no more.  When I am where my subconscious wants me to be, the sun would slowly creep into my room and smile at me to say, “It’s time.”  My senses will awake to delight in another beautiful day.  Hilton Universal gave me all these.  And for the six days I stayed here, no matter how stressful and tiring these days were, I anticipated my going back to Room 1651 to sleep and awake. I hope to stay here again or stay at a hotel with the same caliber. In my dreams? Yeah, I can settle for that.

Superwomom’s Notes:
Hilton Los Angeles / Universal City is located at 555 Universal Hollywood Drive, Universal City, California, United States 91608-1001.  It’s very near Universal Studios Hollywood.  For further details on accommodations, services and amenities, it’s best to visit their website –


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