Summer Series: Trip 1 Day 5: That’s hot!

We love when our Cafe Sierra Customers have a great experience. Read what one valued customer blogged about his recent visit…

Summer Series: Trip 1 Day 5: That’s hot!

On the last day of my first trip, we decided to treat ourselves to something special. This buffet is somewhere we go every year, you can call it a family tradition. This place is the Universal City Hilton Buffet, Cafe Sierra. Hilton, as you know, is a hotel renown for its high quality service and rooms. We expected great food and great service. Let’s find out if we go there because of a simple tradition or the food really is that good.

Hilton Universal City
Cafe Sierra
555 Universal City Drive
Universal City, CA
Items Ordere: AYCE

This particular Hilton is located right next to The Universal Studio Theme Park. Therefore, it is a convenient buffet to go after a fun day at Universal Studio. After eating, one can enjoy a nice walk at the Universal City Walk. The area is great! The Hilton itself is typical of a high class hotel. The environment makes you feel rich. After sitting at the table, the waiter came and took our drink orders. He was friendly, and made the rest of us feel welcomed. The drinks came promptly, and empty plates are taken away without hassle. Towards the end of the meal, the service became a bit more sloppy, but that is the case for every AYCE restaurants. Therefore, in terms of service, I have no complaints.

There is a great variety of food. The Chinese food is decent. It comes with simple Dim Sum (Shu Mai, Bao, and Shrimp Dumpling). The most interesting dish is the Shark Fin Soup. It is usually quite pricey, but it is available for your AYCE pleasure. King Crab Legs and Sushi also make an appearance, and as usual: Tasty. However, the highlight of the buffet is the half baked lobster. The lobster is cut in half and baked with cheese stuffed inside the shell along with its meat. The texture of the lobster and the cheese is simply to die for. However, I would chose my life over the lobster…but you get my point. The lobster is definitely a MUST TRY.

The dessert is mediocre, if not down right bad. The texture of the cake is not right. The Creme Brulee does not have sugar crust…IT HAS TO HAVE A CRUST, in order to show that it is brulee (french for burnt). I love Creme Brulee, but not this one. The crepe station is new, and it is quite typical. The desserts at the Hilton is NOT to die for.

While we were eating, a photographer, employee of Hilton, came and asked if we wanted a free picture of me and my family. We agreed. However, be warned that the free picture comes in a form of a postcard, the actual picture is only on a tiny corner. In order to get the real picture, we had to pay. We knew that, so no complaints there. What I thought is really strange was the extreme awkwardness shown by the photographer. I have no idea whether she understood what I said or whether what she said is a statement or a question.

Grade: Good/Riveting (Apart from the photographer and the dessert, this restaurant is great. LOOOBBBSSSTTTEER)


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