Walk Among the Dinosaurs! Only in LA!

Where do these creatures come from? What were they like as living animals? What happened to them? How do scientist know what they know?The new Dinosaur Hall is to bring paleontology alive!

Experience this amazing display of Fossils and interactive learning. The new hall is designed to allow visitors to wander around and in some instances, underneath, the specimens. Because of their innovative platforms, many of the major mounts are not surrounded by thick glass — providing rare opportunities for up-close looks at the fossils.

This is a key to the exhibition’s visitor experience, as many of these fossils were prepared and articulated in recent years, using modern methods that forgo the thick layers of shellac used by fossil preparers of decades past. Never-before-seen details of the fossils are therefore revealed. Some have rich red and green hues, colored by the minerals in the lands they were found. Some contain visible internal organs, skin textures, and in one instance, the stomach contents of a last meal!

Dinosaur Encounter

Close enough to count teeth! One of the Natural History Museum’s most inspiring and innovative programs is Dinosaur Encounters, a performance-based interpretive program that lets visitors get up close and personal with a realistic, life-sized juvenileT. Rex. The only interactive T.Rex in the U.S.A, it is something your won’t want to miss.

Just another reason why we LOVE Los Angeles!


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