Treat Dad Like a King

Treat your father on his special day. Dinner, movie, whatever event you choose, your father will love to spend the day with you.

Take Time to Toast Dad… We Have the Champagne Ready at the Cafe Sierra Restaurant. This unparalleled brunch and buffet experience is the perfect setting to let Dad relax and celebrate.

What father wouldn’t want to take in a double feature with Bond, James Bond. See “Dr. No” and “From Russia with Love” at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica.

Give your father the Classic Hollywood experience with martini and lamb chops at Dan Tana’s. Sit in the red booths and rub elbows with the ghosts of the Rat Pack. Dean, Frank and Sammy sat in those very booths enjoying the same meal.

Let dad remember all the chalk drawings you made by visiting the Pasadena Chalk Festival. Though your pictures may not have been this detailed and colorful, You can soak up the California sun while watching artists creat their masterpieces.


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