Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

On the second Thursday of every month, Downtown Los Angeles culture comes to life. For all those visiting Los Angeles, you can go where the locals go,  LA’S Downtown Art Walk. Begining at noon till 9pm Los Angeles art takes center stage. This is culture at it’s finest with art filled galleries, eccentric people, and various musical street performers.

The art spans an array of tastes, like the city that supports it. Stroll through hip LA gallories like The Hive Gallery & Studios, featuring a nightly DJ and art that pushes the boundaries. The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art will challenge your imagination with digital wizardry-turned-art. Bert Green’s gallery often features contemporary artists who refrain from portraying their subjects with in-your-face attitude. These are just a few of the art galleries you will stroll through on your Visit.

The DASH is meant to shuttle patrons through the 30+ gallories on the Art Walk and is art on wheels. It runs from 6pm to 10 pm. This revamped shuttle will showcase performances by Lucas Gonze from 7pm-7:30pm, and the lyrical rants about L.A. by Mike The Poet at 8pm and 8:30pm. Luca Spanio (Queen Acoustic) rambles with the music of Freddie Mercury & Company from 9pm to 9:30pm.

It’s been said here before and will continue to be said. The Downtown Art Walk is new a staple of life in Los Angeles. Don’t miss out on this truly amazing event.

Download your Art Walk Map by clicking here.


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