Blue Energy Kick Off Party

Everyone enjoys a good party and we are no exception. Our employees enjoyed the kick off of Hilton Hotel’s Blue Energy Committees. We enjoyed blue drinks, a blue buffet spread in a beautifully decorated blue ballroom. 



 What Is Blue Energy?

Blue Energy is our passion to live our values, deliver our Promise and celebrate our stories. It’s an expression of the unique spirit we show to our Guests, our communities, and each other as Hilton Team Members.

Blue Energy fuels our culture, and enables us to deliver service with positive spirit, strength and passion. It’s based on our Hilton Values (Hospitality, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Ownership, Now), and Blue Energy is implemented everyday through our teams’ Engagement, Accountability and Recognition.

Hilton Los Angeles / Universal City hotel establish a Blue Energy Committee including team members from each department. The committee’s premier responsibility  is to maintain a service culture that will support the hotel team’s ability to live our values, deliver our Promise and celebrate our stories.  Each of these four committees, Guest Satisfaction, Team Members Community and Sustainability were represented at the kickoff party. They all designed and worked their own booth explaining to anyone that came by what their role would be in the Blue Energy Campaign. We are all very excited about this program and look forward to seeing it prosper..

So what better way to start this wonderful new program than with a party!


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