Daily Shot of Jack: Labor of Love @ Hilton Universal Hotel Wedding

A lighting designer, an audio visual technician, a dj, a writer, an entertainer… Jack K. Hou brings his talents and skill to the events at Hilton Los Angeles / Universal City hotel, creating lush atmosphere and ambiance for the luxury wedding every bride is looking for.

“Kicked off the labor day weekend @ Universal Hilton Hotel for a beautiful wedding with Lianny & Stanley. Lianny & Stanley are without a doubt one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met.  We were very privileged to provide them with lighting and dj services. For their lavish wedding, we lid up the entire room using LED wash lights, double pinlighed all the centerpieces and projected a vintage gobo.  This wedding had all the classic in the making, Taiko Drummers from UCLA, beautiful floral arrangements, and a first dance for the ages. Lianny & Stanley danced to Scent of a Woman’s Por Una Cabeza. The movie was an absolute classic and that tango track is a legend… A big thanks to the ladies of In the Cloud for coordinating this awesome event. Really blessed to have been part of this awesome event. We wish them the best with everything…” – Jack Hou


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