From the Kitchen: Seared Pacific Salmon & Crab


  • Salmon 6 oz
  • King Crab meat only 4 oz
  • Baby Spinach 1 Cup
  • *Lemon Butter sauce 3 oz

Preparation Method:

  1. Season salmon with salt, white pepper and fresh lemon juice. Coat salmon in flour then lightly pan sauté in butter.
  2. When salmon is cooked removed from pan and discard any left over burnt butter.
  3. Heat king crab meat in hot water bath.
  4. Sauté fresh spinach in butter.
  5. Set salmon onto plate, top with sauté fresh spinach, then top spinach with the heated crab meat and ladle over with lemon butter sauce.
  6. Garnish with desired sauteed seasonal vegetables and starch.

Los Angeles Restaurant Chef from Hilton Family Hotel in Universal City

Executive Chef George Sit

Born and raised in Singapore, Chef George is a seasoned professional running a highly successful food and beverage operation at the Hilton Los Angeles / Universal City. Attracted by the ability to travel, he entered the culinary world inspired to hone his craft working with diverse chefs around the world. His talent has taken him from Singapore to Bermuda, Switzerland to Canada, Florida to Tennessee, and even our nation’s capital. This broad knowledge is translated in his philosophy to always provide cuisine that is visually appetizing with an element of flavorful excitement.

Find more of his culinary inspirations in the Chef’s corner at

For reservations at Cafe Sierra Restaurant or more information regarding party parties, please contact the restaurant staff at 818.509.2030.0


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