Let The Sunshine In


From its stunning Broadway premiere in 1968, Hair defined the “rock musical,” exuberantly celebrating the hippie counterculture, anti-war movement and sexual revolution of the 1960s with a rainbow score of hits – including “Aquarius,” “Good Morning Starshine,” and “Easy to be Hard” – that have become ingrained in pop culture. Let down your long, beautiful hair, pull out the tie-dye and celebrate this groundbreaking American journey as we “Let the Sunshine In!”

Join this star-studded cast for an evening of musical rock. Featuring the following:

Kristen Bell, Sheila

Sarah Hyland, Chrissy

Mario, Hud

Hunter Parrish, Claude

Jonah Platt, Woof

Amber Riley, Dionne

Jenna Ushkowitz, Jeanie

Benjamin Walker, Berger

Beverly D’Angelo, Mom

Kevin Chamberlin, Dad

Story Source: www.HollywoodBowl.com

Extra Reasons to Book Your Meeting Today!

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Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City Awarded Another Year of National Green Seal, Silver Level Certification for Environmental Commitment

Los Angeles – July 22, 2014 – Energy and environmental enthusiasts are increasingly calling businesses to take green action and implement sustainable initiatives. Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City is continuing to make great strides and is proudly one of the few Green Seal Silver certified environmentally conscious lodging facilities in California. The hotel executives understand sustainability as the ability to meet present needs without comprising that of future generations. The property is committed to energy-conservation, waste-minimization and executing an environmentally friendly operation. By doing this, the hotel is not only helping to reduce the greenhouse emissions that impact global climate change and save energy; but also improve efficiency, lower operating cost, provide a cleaner and healthier hotel environment, and set a positive example for employees that boosts morale and property loyalty. After all, preserving the world’s natural resources is the responsibility of every individual both at work and at home. Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City continues to look ahead and innovate with green practices.

Go Green

In 2009 the hotel began working with Green Seal, a non-profit organization, which developed life cycle-based sustainability standards for lodging properties. This institution sets the environmental norm in the hospitality industry and offers third party certification for those that meet the set criteria. The partnership began the step by step process of compliance for the hotel and in 2010; Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City attained the Bronze Level certification.

In 2011, 2012 & 2013, we have achieved the Silver level certification. We are striving to achieve Gold status this year. In 2014, we have successfully completed a 7 million dollar Energy Upgrade PACE project with the county of Los Angeles that included the following:

-Putting in two new 450 tons centrifugal variable speed driven chillers as well as premium efficient motor pumps, controls and Building Automation System (estimated Annual Energy Use Reduction is 2,744,458 KWH/approximately $361,170.00).

-Installing new low flow guestroom shower heads (estimated yearly water savings is 2,326,875gls).

-Light retrofitting of about 11,000 lamps throughout the hotel with energy efficient LED Lighting and new generation fluorescent lamps (energy savings are still under evaluation, but are expected to be @ 25%-35%).

-Replacement of guestroom HVAC & refrigeration motors with high efficiency EC (Electrically Commutated) Motors that use heavy duty rare earth magnets, rather than dual electromagnets, reducing power as well as wasted heat energy allowing refrigeration motors to have a double impact on energy savings.

–Installation of High Performance OptiTune 22 window tint film in all guestrooms that reduces up to 87% of glare, rejects up to 85% of solar energy and blocks 99% of UV radiation. The Data Logger Assessment results prior to install showed a reduction of up to 38° of heat inside guestrooms during heavy sunny days.

-Installed of View Dynamic Glass (electrochromic glass) that automatically transitions between clear and variable tint, providing control over the amount of light, glare and heat reducing AC costs.

-Elevator Modernization of 14 conveyors of which 8 traction elevators will use regenerative drive cars saving up to 50 percent energy over conventional systems (Elevator produces power in the down direction). The energy generated when the cab goes into braking mode is converted into electricity and fed into the building’s system reducing energy usage.


Today, there are 15 recycling programs established in the hotel, which divert to 80-85% of the total waste from being sent to local landfills. Cardboard, printing paper, light bulbs, guestroom amenities, batteries, toner cartridges, aerosol cans, food waste, yard waste, and kitchen deep fry oil have all been included in the recycling process. The food waste, for example, goes from the hotel compactor to a material recovery facility, where it is separated, and then turned into organic compost. In 2014 alone, the team at Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City hotel recycled the following:

*45.75 tons of cardboard and mixed materials (paper, glass, plastic & aluminum)*2,605 light bulbs *164 toner cartridges, and 800 aerosol cans *3.27 tons of guestroom amenities (soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, mouthwash).

In total, the hotel helps save 724 trees and 198 cubic yards of landfill space. While recycling is just a fragment of the hotel’s green operation, Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City also initiates environmental friendly policies, including purchasing less hazardous chemicals for laundry, dish washing, and housekeeping, in order to protect our land, air, and water resources. In addition, the hotel has implemented energy efficient lamps and motion sensor timers in meeting rooms. They have water conserving toilet fixtures throughout the hotel, and they also offer a towel & linen conservation reuse program to guests who stay multiple nights. We continue to strive in decreasing our carbon footprint and are among the ecofriendly hotel leader in Los Angeles.



Get Your Kicks on Route 66


Rout 66, AKA the “Main Street of America” and the “Mother Road” stretches from Chicago to Santa Monica covering a total of 2,448 miles. This historical stretch of road has been featured in popular songs and movies as well as immortalized in The Grapes of Wrath novel and movie.

“Western Motel” neon sign, circa 1950. Collection of the Museum of Neon Art. (Photo courtesy of Museum of Neon Art)

“Western Motel” neon sign, circa 1950. Collection of the Museum of Neon Art. (Photo courtesy of Museum of Neon Art)

The Autry National Center will take you back to this historical stretch of road with their exhibit Route 66: The Road and the Romance on view now through  Jan 4th, 2015. More than 250 extraordinary artifacts  trace this famed highway’s history and impact on American culture.

“Western Motel” neon sign, circa 1950. Collection of the Museum of Neon Art. (Photo courtesy of Museum of Neon Art)

Route 66 End of the Trail Sign | Photo courtesy of C H Ogawa Photography, Flickr

Route 66: The Road and the Romance presents historical artifacts from institutions and private collections across the United States, many displayed together for the first time. Read on for highlights of this remarkable exhibit, including special programs taking place at the Autry during the exhibit’s run.



Hollywood Fever!


Though located in Los Angeles, Hollywood is not only a destination but a state-of-mind. Hollywood has long been associated with glitz and glamour from film, television and music industries. This one of a kind destination is a magnet for local, out-of state and international travelers. Millions of visitors each year flock to Hollywood to catch a glimpse of a few famous personalities. Whether you come for the historic sites, famous celebrities or family fun attractions, the one thing everyone has in common is “Hollywood Fever”!

“I’m going to Hollywood” is a cry well known. But how well do you know the city? Here are a few fun facts before you visit.

1. Hollywood was given its name by the real estate developer Hobart Johnstone Whitley while on his honeymoon in 1886.

2. In 1923, Harry Chandler, an investor, and the then owner of ‘The Los Angeles Times’, built the famous Hollywood Sign to advertise the area ‘Hollywoodland’. The total expense for this advertisement was $21,000. Initially, it was built to last only for eighteen months.

3. In May 1927, a Chinese theater known as ‘Grauman’s Chinese Theatre’ was opened in Hollywood. It is one of the most popular and legendary theaters in the world. This Chinese theater is a major tourist attraction. Featuring an attractive jade-green bronze roof, which is 90 feet high, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre houses many artifacts from China, and is truly a Chinese landmark in Hollywood. One of the courts of the theater has the foot and hand prints of various Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, John Wayne, Jack Nicholson, etc.

4. Capitol Records Tower’ in Hollywood was the world’s first circular office. Musical nights of big names like The Beatles, Nat King Cole, The Beach Boys, and Frank Sinatra were hosted here.

5. The Hollywood Bowl is the world’s largest outdoor amphitheater.

6. The first motion picture theater opened in Los Angeles on April 2, 1902.

7. Four “Stars” have been stolen from the Hollywood Walk of Fame – and these things weigh 300 pounds each!

8. Prior to 1910, there were no movie theaters in the Hollywood district–because they were banned!

9. Cecile B. DeMille’s 1914 film ‘The Squaw Man’ was the first ever movie made exclusively in a Hollywood studio. Now, 500-700 movies are released in Hollywood every year, and that’s about half the number of films released in India every year!

10. ‘The Jazz Singer,’ a 1927 movie directed by Alan Crosland, starring Al Johnson and May McAvoy, was the first talkie–or film with sound–made in Hollywood. This 89-minute classic cost a then-staggering $422,000 to make.

Happy 80th Birthday, LA Farmer’s Market!


The Original Farmers Market at 3rd & Fairfax celebrates its 80th birthday all summer long with free music from late May until the end of August, 2014.   Thursday Night Jazz and Friday Night Music at Farmers Market offer an eclectic and entertaining summer of performances which draw heavily on Los Angeles’ many musical and ethnic sub-cultures.

The 2014 summer music series will present, among others, a couple of jazz legends, an L.A. reporter and her straight-ahead jazz quartet, L.A.’s most popular Latin jazz band and groups running the gamut from Rockabilly and Roots to the Beatles and Brazilian samba.

The Thursday Night Jazz series at Farmers Market launches on Thursday, May 29 with the energetic Bobby Matos Afro-Cuban Jazz band.  Through the summer, the series will welcome the California Feetwarmers, purveyors of 20s & 30s gypsy jazz on July 10, the Jennifer York Quartet (sans traffic reports) on July 24, and the renowned Bill Watrous with his musical best friend Rob Stoneback on July 31.  The jazz roster also includes Sydney Weisman and the Wayne Peet Trio, jazzing up the American songbook on August 7 and Cow Bop, a cowboy jazz band, on August 21.

Friday Night Music opens with Rockabilly on May 30th with Slim Jim Phantom, the original Stray Cats drummer, and carries on with reggae and soca from the Upstream Caribbean Band on June 20 and Orquesta Charangoa’s Cuban Charanga on July 18.  The Four Fabs will perform their Beatles tribute, with their own Ed Sullivan-esque MC, on July 25 and Peruvian music with Inca takes the stage on August 1.  L.A.’s acclaimed Susie Hansen Latin Band will return to the Market on August 15.

Thursday Night Jazz and Friday Night Music at Farmers Market are free.  The performances begin at 7 PM and the Market’s grocers, restaurants, specialty shops and both beer and wine bars are open throughout the concerts.  Two hours of parking are free with a Market validation, available with purchase at all Market shops.  The complete schedule of Market music is available at www.farmersmarketla.com.


Car Lovers Weekend!

Gilmore Heritage Auto Show on the Market Plaza

The Gilmore Heritage Auto Show at Farmers Market on Saturday, June 7, 2014 will be a triple anniversary extravaganza.  The show, Mustangs at The Market, features a stable of Mustangs to celebrate that storied pony car’s 50th anniversary.  It also marks the show’s 20th year and launches a number of summer activities celebrating Farmers Market’s 80th birthday.  There will be more than 100 vintage and classic American cars on display on the Market Plaza and Gilmore Lane from 11 am to 5 pm.  The Gilmore Heritage Auto Show is free.

The salute to the Ford Mustang coincides with the release of the 2015 Mustang, the 50th anniversary model.  Among the featured cars at the Gilmore Heritage Auto Show will be original Mustangs from the inaugural 1965 model year (officially 1964½), a pristine 1967 Shelby Mustang GT350 and convertibles, Mach 1s and 2+2s.  The show even features what may be the most popular rental car ever, a 1965 Hertz Rental Mustang Fastback.  In all, more than a dozen classic Mustangs will be on display.

Two different types of “show” cars will also be featured at the Gilmore Heritage Auto Show. The 1963 “suicide door” Lincoln Continental which was the ride of choice and the centerpiece of the opening sequence in HBO’s Entourage.  Its appearance is notably fitting because a critical last season episode of Entourage was filmed in part on Farmers Market’s East Patio.  The other “show” car will be Jayne Mansfield’s superb 1957 Lincoln Premier.  A pink beauty, the Mansfield car is a perfect example of highly stylish, handsomely fin-essed 1950s car design.

The 2014 Gilmore Heritage Auto Show will exhibit classics from at least 1931 to 1972.  Among the cars on display will be a ‘47 Packard Super Clipper, a ’55 De Soto Coronado, a ’57 Chevrolet Bel Air,  a ’63 Studebaker Avanti, a ’65 Corvette Stingray and a ’69 AMC AMX.  One of the show’s most popular vehicles, especially with youngsters, will return – a 1932 Ahrens Fox Model V Firetruck.

The Gilmore Heritage Auto Show was created 20 years ago to celebrate the colorful history of cars and the Farmers Market property at 3rd & Fairfax.  Before the Market arrived at Third & Fairfax in 1934, the Gilmore family operated a thriving dairy farm and, with the discovery of oil on the property, the Gilmore Oil Company.  Gilmore petroleum products helped pave the West and Gilmore Blu-Green and Red Lion gas powered the arrival of the automobile age in Southern California.  Along the way, the Gilmores sponsored Indy racers, a record setting land speed car, a barnstorming pilot and, on the current Farmers Market site, midget car racing at Gilmore Stadium in the ‘30s, ‘40s and early ‘50s.

Complete information about the Gilmore Heritage Auto Show at Farmers Market is available at www.farmersmarketla.com or at 323-933-9211.